Oh Jung Se Warms Up the Atmosphere with His Special and Perfect Fan Meeting

Credit: Bae Ji Soo Instagram

Oh Jung Se became the “real angel.” After impressing everyone with his performances in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, he now has brought everyone to tears with his real-life story.

The online communities heated up yesterday with one story. Actor Oh Jung Se is the “hero” of the story that is more dramatic than the drama or movie. Countless netizens expressed their emotional feelings after reading the touching story.

The writer, who thanked Oh Jung Se first, revealed herself as the younger sister of a cellist suffering from intellectual disabilities and shared the extraordinary meeting between Oh Jung Se and her brother, cellist Bae Boum Joon.

According to Bae Ji Soo, Bae Dum Joon’s sister, after watching the scene where Moon Sang Tae shouted and cried at Go Moon Young’s fan signing event, her brother expressed his hope of meeting Sang Tae in person.

Oh Jung Se is currently playing the role of Moon Sang Tae, who is suffering from autism spectrum, in tvN drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

The younger sister carefully delivered the related story to the actor’s agency, PrainTPC, and they gladly became a bridge between Oh Jung Sae and Bae Boum Joon. Oh Jung Se went on a “one-day fan meeting” outing at the amusement park, dressed up from head to toe as Moon Sang Tae for Bae Boum Joon.

Credit: Bae Ji Soo Instagram

Bae Ji Soo continued, “When Oh Jung Se and my brother were together, I was constantly amazed at every moment. I was touched by Oh Jung Se’s delicacy, his way of talking, his way of walking, and his behavior as Sang Tae just for my brother. I could feel how much research and consideration he had put in before meeting my brother even with his busy schedule.”

“Sang Tae became a friend at the level of my brother’s eyes and continued to talk with him and concentrate fully,” she added. “I was very grateful to the actor Oh Jung Se. The meaning of gratitude, of course, lies in the fact that he has made such efforts to understand and study the disabled, and to make a lot of efforts for my brother, but more than anything, I was grateful for ‘the existence of this kind of person in the world.‘”

She also released several photos of Oh Jung Se and Bae Bun Joon together. The day they have visited the amusement park was July 24. Even the production team had no idea of the special meeting, and it is rumored that the agency did not intend to share it with the public as it could be somewhat sensitive.

Bae Boum Joon also expressed his thrill in person through his Instagram. He wrote, “What happens if you meet an angel? It’s blinding. I can’t see straight. I’m tearing up. Even before and after meeting each other, they are so dazzling that I take them out one by one,” recalling the beautiful memories he made.

Fans are loving this lovely and touching story.

“What he did. That’s the definition of an angel.”

“God, I’m tearing up.”

“Oh Jung Se, you are a great actor and a wonderful person.”

“What he did was amazing.”

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