Seolhyun Denies the “Thai Cigarette Commotion” Rumors

Credit: FNC Entertainment

Following the allegation of neglecting Jimin’s bullies, AOA’s Seolhyun has embroiled in yet another controversy of “Thai Cigarette Commotion.” Seolhyun’s agency, FNC Entertainment, dismissed the rumors, saying its groundless.

Recently, Seolhyun’s Instagram posts were bombarded with comments asking about the previous report made in E Channel’s Brave Journalists regarding Thai hotel’s cigarette scandal.

FNC Entertainment dismissed the rumor, saying, “It’s totally different from the truth. The girl idol A mentioned during the broadcast is not Seolhyun. We regret that rumor is being spread as if it were true, and we are concerned about serious defamation.” They added, “We are considering legal action.“

Previously in 2016, a reporter (from Brave Journalists) said, “A is known for her innocent and slender images. But when she went to Thailand to film for a commercial, there was a commotion in which the guests were evacuated because she smoked inside the hotel.”

Then he added, “When the hotel said that they would hand the case over to the police, A allegedly responded confidently, ‘I didn’t know it was a non-smoking area.’ In the end, the advertising staff revealed her identity and apologized instead, ending the case.”

“Moreover, she showed up late at the filming location after taking selfies. Because she’s such a top star, the advertisement company had no choice but to sign another contract with her,” he said. “She communicates with her chin. The nice member in her group is her personal errand runner.”

Currently, nothing is known about the girl idol. Netizens speculated that it was Seolhyun, but FNC Entertainment dismissed the rumors.

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