Jo Kwon Confesses How Kim Hye Soo Helped Him Get Through His Crisis

Credit: new1
Credit: new1

Singer Jo Kwon shares the story of how he was able to get back on his feet thanks to Kim Hye Soo.

On July 13, Jo Kwon will appear on SBS Plus’s Did You Eat? (literal translation) and talk about his life.

In 2008, Jo Kwon finally made his debut after 8 years as an idol trainee. During his guest appearance, he will talk about the heartbreaking story behind his images as a “Kkab Kwon.”

He calmly brings up his family’s past difficulties, saying that his whole family moved around singles rooms for 10 years from his childhood to three years after his debut. Jo Kwon, who decided to become a celebrity after seeing his mother suffer from debtors, cleared all her debts by actively appearing on numerous entertainment shows.

Credit: SBS Plus

However, he confesses that he had to face yet another crisis early in his military service.

Jo Kwon said, “My mother was diagnosed with melanoma during my military service. It started with her big toes, and I was told that if it metastasized, she would have to amputate her lower body. I broke down. I couldn’t leave my base, and there was nothing I could do for her.”

“But I was able to get back on my feet thanks to Kim Hye Soo. She even helped out my mother. She hugged me tight and told me, ‘Kwon, you only think about getting discharged safe and healthy,’” he added, sharing their warm friendship.

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