Actors Who Received Much Love Even Though They Don’t Exactly Resemble the Original Characters

When it comes to webtoon based projects, the “synchronization” with the original characters is inseparable. In the case of popular webtoons, fans create a “virtual casting” even when the drama version is not confirmed. In these casting, the visuals of the characters and the actors play a significant role. In other words, when the webtoon based drama is confirmed, keen attention is focused on the casting process.

But “100% synchronization” is a dream. While many works have been praised for the actors’ high “synchronization” with the original characters, there are also many cases where they are not. However, some actors have succeeded in shattering the fans’ concerns.


Cheese in the Trap – Kim Go Eun (Hong Seol)

Credit: tvN

When Cheese in the Trap, which already had a thick fan base, was confirmed to be made into a drama, fans started to pour out their “virtual casting.” As soon as Park Hae Jin, who was fans’ number one pick, confirmed his appearance, the anticipation reached its peak. However, disagreements continued about who would play the role of Hong Seol. Initially, an idol-turned-actor was offered the role but declined amid negative reactions. The second offer was made to Kim Go Eun. Although there were steady concerns over the difference in the visuals of Hong Seol and Kim Go Eun, she ended up making a hit by flawlessly portraying her own Hong Seol based on her recognized acting prowess.


What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – Park Seo Joon (Lee Young Joon)

Credit: tvN

Webnovel What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was first made into a webtoon amid rave reviews, and later was confirmed to be produced as a drama. As the work with a thick fan base, even the casting process was rocky. In particular, Park Seo Joon became the topic of concern as his images did not match the original character. To this, Park Seo Joon said, “I know there were mixed reactions when the news of my casting got public, but I hope you keep your eyes on my acting,” with confidence. Eventually, he made countless female viewers fall in love with him, proving that such concerns were groundless.


Itaewon Class ” Kim Da Mi (Jo Yi Seo)

Credit: JTBC

Itaewon Class was another popular webtoon and received much attention from the casting process. Again, the “synchronization” concerns many fans. They poured out their concerns over Kim Da Mi, who has cute and adorable images, playing the role of Jo Yi Seo, who is portrayed as a sharp and cold person. Since Park Seo Joon even followed the same hairstyle and presented such a high “synchronization” with Park Sae Roy, the concerns grew even more so. However, Kim Da Mi successfully built up her own Jo Yi Seo and delicately depicted her sharp personality, drawing positive reviews. As a result, she won the Best New Actress Award in the drama category at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

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