Fans Love How Lovelyz’s Jin Reacts to Hate Comments She Received

Credit: Top Star Daily

Lovelyz‘s Jin showed cool reactions to the hate comment she received.

On July 12, Jim posted screenshots of her answering questions from fans on her Instagram Story. Among them, she even included a capture of the hate comment she received and her reply.

The comment she received reads, “Are you really an idol? You look like a non-celeb,” to which Jin replied, “I’m not an idol, but dol-i (a crazy person). Put your head right here and bring me the hammer.”

Jin is already known as an idol who can’t stand malicious comments. She is also famous for her witty replied to fans’ questions.

Credit: Jin Instagram

For example, to comment, “My boyfriend loves you, unnie,” she answered, “Hey boyfriend, I don’t want to be a bi***. Please have a lovely relationship.” To “Unnie, can you go to my classroom instead of me?,” she wrote, “Then, will you make a comeback for me?” To “Which stage costumes do you like the most?,” she answered, “It’s a pity, but none.”

Fans responded enthusiastically, saying, “It’s really refreshing,” “She wants to say whatever she pleases. That’s cool,” or “I wish more idols be like this.”

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