How Is ‘Train’ Different from the Existing Parallel Universe Mystery?

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Park Ga Yeon, the writer of OCN’s new original drama Train, has answered the various questions, from the writing process to key points of the drama, that would take the veil off of “parallel universe mystery.”

Train deals with the detective’s parallel universe mystery of intervening in serial murders to protect the precious people in the two worlds divided by choice of the moment on the night when the murder took place.

Credit: OCN

Q1. Why did you choose the subject of a parallel universe?

I was always interested in the multiverse theory that states, “every single one of the universes divided by choice and action exist in multiple universes.” I wanted to portray the process of reaching the truth in a twisted fate through two worlds, “World A, where truth is concealed,” and “World B, where the truth is tracked down.“


Q2. Why did you choose such a different genre from your previous romance drama, Longing Heart (2018)?

Train tells stories of various layers of results, but it starts with the thought of how far a man will go in loving a woman. Rather than being limited to the genre, I wondered which format I should borrow to deliver the story effectively. That’s how I came up with fantasy mystery romance.


Q3. Why did you choose ‘Train’ as the medium that connects the two universes?

The first time I thought of a railroad track as a passageway connecting the two universes was as the “metaphor” of the two universes separated by choice. Also, since trains are used as means of transport and travel, I thought it would be appropriate to use it as a mysterious medium connecting the two universes.

Credit: OCN

Q4. What are the differences from the existing projects that deal with parallel universes?

The parallel universes in the drama were divided 12 years ago. I think the biggest difference is that the drama focuses on what changed the two universes and how it affected the characters living in both universes.


Q5. What was the most important part in making the characters of Seo Do Won and Han Seo Kyung?

Seo Do Won and Han Seo Kyung exist in both universes A and B, but starting from the incident 12 years ago, they have lived completely different lives and faced different situations. I created these characters by focusing on granting them the justifications of how they turned out to be in the present.


Q6. What is one thing viewers shouldn’t miss?

If you pay attention to the changed situations in the two universes, the relationships between different characters, and the emotions of the characters as they encounter while chasing the truth, you will be able to enjoy it more.

Train will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on July 11 KST.

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