Lee Seung Gi Expresses Gratitude to Fans for Loving ‘Twogether’ and Talks About His Friendship With Jasper Liu

Lee Seung Gi revealed his thoughts about Twogether, a Netflix original variety show that he features in.

Source: Netflix

Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu star in Twogether, a travel show in which the two same-aged co-stars must travel to various places in Asia and look for fans. After the show released worldwide on June 26th, it rose to the Top 10 list in more than 5 countries.

Lee Seung Gi, who returned to filming travel variety shows after some time, talked about the show in an online interview on July 3rd.

“Thank you so much, this is an honor. We released this series through Netflix, so thank you for quickly falling in love with the show despite the different languages and cultures. As we worked hard to create this, it feels good to see that it is getting a positive reception.

Source: Netflix

Lee Seung Gi’s chemistry with Twogether co-star Jasper Liu became a topic of discussion.

“When I saw him through his works, I imagined that Jasper would be a romantic and have this “sweet guy” feeling. I met Jasper Liu in person and he had both qualities; he was also full of energy and had a mischievous side to him. Our language barrier wasn’t too unbearable and we had a fun time filming.”

Lee Seung Gi said that he continued to talk with Jasper Liu even after Twogether was released.

“Since the show reached the top 10 in many countries in such a short time, Jasper and I felt so happy. We talked through text messages and we wanted to talk more but the language barrier prevented us from doing so. We messaged each other ‘This is so great’ and were were able to communicate our feelings through that. We often send messages like, “I hope you’re well. Since the reactions are good, let’s look forward to a season 2.”

He added that, since the current situation bars them from easily traveling around the world, he hopes things will get better soon.

Source: Lee Seung Gi’s Instagram

Lee Seung Gi posted a picture of himself wearing silk pajamas that Jasper Liu gifted to him.

“I sleep well [with it] and I really like it. I was worried about how I would be able to go to sleep in these, but after I wore it myself, I realized why Jasper prefers silk pajamas. There’s a real benefit to getting a good night’s sleep.”

Along with Busted!, Twogether marks Lee Seung Gi’s second Netflix variety program.

“Since Netflix variety shows are released after all the filming is done, there are many details that are different. Netflix is more of a global platform than a domestic platform, so it feels like the focal point and the target is different compared to Korean shows. While I’m not sure why Netflix chose me, I’m thankful. I wonder if they chose me because they believe that I can do well in any environment.”

After Twogether, viewers will be able to meet Lee Seung Gi on TvN’s Hometown Flex.

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  • Me encanta ..! Porque se muestran tal como son . Ame más a Lee 😍 y jasper es divino también .😅

  • Im waiting for there next destination,and alway safe both of you( Lee Seung Gi &Jaspher Liu,and all the ştap of twogether Mabuhay kayong lahat

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