GOT7’s Youngjae Vents Out His Frustration over Obsessive Fans

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GOT7’s Youngjae vented out his anger at sasaeng fans (obsessive fans/stalkers).

On July 2, Youngjae posted a short message on a black background on his Instagram story. He wrote, “Don’t come to the shop. And was that a threat? Asking me if you can upload the pictures you secretly took when I was talking with my friends at a cafe?”

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Youngjae has already shown his frustration over sasaeng fans in 2018. At the time, he wrote, “If you don’t want me to lose my mind, then please stop calling. You are calling me night and day, so I can’t sleep. You’re worried about me, so you’re calling, texting, and messaging me? That’s more stressful, so stop it.”

However, he lashed out these obsessive fans once again as they kept following him everywhere and invading his privacy. Even fans expressed their anger at sasaeng fans. The prevailing opinion is that if you are really the “right” fans, you should love the artist and his music and protect his privacy and health.

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