Director Yang Woo Suk Explains Why He Cast the Same Actors in ‘Steel Rain 2: Summit’

Credit: Top Daily

Director Yang Woo Suk, who directed Steel Rain 2: Summit following Steel Rain, pointed out the similarities and differences between the two movies.

On July 2, the press conference for the upcoming movie Steel Rain 2: Summit was held. Director Yang Woo Suk, actors Jung Woo Sung, Kwak Do Won, and Yoo Yeon Seok, attended the event.

Steel Rain 2: Summit depicts a crisis near the brink of war as the three leaders are kidnapped by a North Korean nuclear submarine in a coup d’état during a summit between the two Koreas and the United States. The movie once again sheds light on the inter-Korea relation, following Steel Rain.

Director Yang Woo Suk, who referred to Steel Rain 2: Summit as a complementary sequel rather than a sequel that continues the previous story, compared his two works. He said, “The biggest thing in common is that almost the most actors are the same. The difference is that they are playing completely different roles.”

Credit: Top Daily

As soon as the information of the movie was released, people focused on the fact that those who played Noth Koreans are playing South Koreans and vice versa.

“Some might think of it critically, but we have completely reversed their roles. I think such casting eloquently says that the current system will not change even if the South and the North change.”

He added, “I think ‘Steel Rain 2′ could be sadder. If something could have changed by the two male leads in ‘Steel Rain,’ the sequel is more cool-headed. The story started from the thought of if we, who are living in the Korean Peninsula, cannot change anything, then where do we start?”

The movie Steel Rain 2: Summit will be released on July 29.

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