Film ‘Limit’ Completes Its Dazzling Cast with Moon Jung Hee, Jin Seo Yun, Park Myung Hoon and Choi Deok Moon

Credit: The Celeb, OBS, MHN, new1
Credit: The Celeb, OBS, MHN, new1

Movie Limit (literal translation) has confirmed the casting of Moon Jung Hee, Jin Seo Yun, Park Myung Hoon and Choi Deok Moon following Lee Jung Hyun.

Limit is a crime thriller that will present a strong and meticulous psychological narrative in which So Eun, a police officer in the department of Living Safety, chases and is chased by the kidnapper as she goes undercover in the worst kidnapping case.

Earlier, Lee Jung Hyun confirmed her appearance as So Eun. She will show a new transformation by playing a role who goes undercover on behalf of the kidnapped child’s parents, and struggles to find the child following a careful psychological battle.

Jin Seo Yun, who showed shocking performances in Believer, heralded even more intense transformation through Limit. She will play the role of Yeon Joo, who takes any means necessary to find her kidnapped child. On the other hand, Moon Jung Hee will play Hye Jin, a key person linked to the kidnapping case, giving off explosive presence.

Park Myung Hoon, who entered his prime days through Parasite, plays Joon Yong, another key person connected to the kidnapping case. He received Best Supporting Actor Award at 2019 Buil Film Award and the Best New Actor Award at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards for his overwhelming acting in Parasite.

Choi Deok Moon, who played various roles in various projects, will play Sung Chan, who cooperates with So Eun to solve the kidnapping case.

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