OH MY GIRL’s Adorable Reaction to IU Covering Their Song ‘Dolphin’

On June 26, IU’s label EDAM Entertainment posted a video of IU having a “mishmash” session on its official YouTube channel.

“I received requests from fans in advance,” IU said. “I thought they would still request my songs, but there were a lot of songs that I didn’t expect.” IU introduced her first song, saying, “First of all, I will sing OH MY GIRL‘s ‘Dolphin.’ I really like this song.”

After singing the highlight of the song, she said, “I wonder if OH MY GIRL saw this. I feel relieved that I made no mistakes.”

She then covered snippets of DAY6’s “Zombie,” Jukjae’s “Letter” and “Lullaby,” BTS’s “Spring Day,” Baekhyun’s “UN Village,” and JeA’s “Greedyy” (for which she wrote the lyrics).

Credit: Hyojung Instgram, Wikitree

Later the day, OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung posted a screen capture of IU singing their song and wrote, “What’s going on? I feel like I have the whole world. You’re the best.” To the part where IU mentioned the group, she wrote, “We’re not just listening to it, but crying. Thank you so so much.”

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