NCT’s Taeyong Unable to Attend ‘Music Bank’ Due to Health Issues


NCT‘s Taeyong will be absent from the Music Bank special stage.

SM Entertainment said on the morning of June 26, “Taeyong will not be able to make the special stage of ‘Music Bank’ due to health issues. We ask the fans, who were waiting to see all of the members perform together, for their understanding.”

Music Bank will air a special episode on June 26, looking back on some of the most memorable moments from the first half of 2020.

SM Entertainment earlier expressed their position regarding the controversy over Taeyon’s school days. They said, “Taeyong sincerely apologized to the victim for what he had done wrong as a child.”

However, they stressed that they will correct all the false rumors. “As the distorted claims continue to spread, serious damages are being done to Taeyong and even his family. If other malicious writings are posted in the future, we will take strong legal action against them for defamation,” they stated.

Earlier, Dispatch reported that the text messages that targeted Taeyong has been edited. They also released records of Taeyong’s volunteer activities and donations made from 2016, including volunteering at a food kitchen, at a multi-culture school, at community reform centers, etc.

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