As of 2020, “Power People” in K-POP Scene is BTS

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, EDAM Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment

To mark the 35th anniversary of its foundation, Sports Seoul conducted a survey titled “Power People in the K-POP Scene“ from June 3 to 14.

* selection criteria: One person, either the head or executive, from 50 K-POP agencies (a total of 50 people) participated in the survey, and they were asked to fill out the first to third places in order. The first place was given 3 points, second place was given 2 points, and the third place was given 1 point. The total score for each category is 300 points, and the highest score a team can get is 150 points.


“Power People” Who Moves the K-POP Scene

’ BTS (68 points) ’ Producer Lee Soo Man, SM Entertainment (58 points) ’ Bang Shi Hyuk, the chair of Big Hit Entertainment (47 points) ’ Producer Park Jin Young, JYP Entertainment (23 points) ’ IU (18 points)

BTS has been selected as the most influential “power people” among all K-POP influencers. Producer Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment, who created the systematic method to nurture and produce idols, was still mentioned as the “power people” representing K-POP.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment

Best Male Idol Group

’ BTS (141 points) ’ EXO (53 points) ’ SEVENTEEN (25 points) ’ NCT (17 points) ’ Big Bang (9 points) ’ MONSTA X (7 points)

There is no disagreement in the fact that BTS is the best male idol group right now. They celebrated their 7th anniversary not long ago and successfully performed “BANG BANG Con The Live,” proving their global popularity. EXO, who has secured fandom not only in Korea but also around the world, was ranked second, while SEVENTEEN, who has been raising their value in Japan and North America, came in third.


Best Female Idol Group

’ TWICE (111 points) ’ BLACKPINK (69 points) ’ Red Velvet (24 points) ’ OH MY GIRL (13 points) ’ IZ*ONE (11 points) ’ (G)I-DLE (10 points)

TWICE has been selected as the best female idol group since 2017, continuing their “hit streak” with each album. In particular, they gained huge popularity in Japan and served as a vanguard for bringing back the girl group Hallyu. BLACKPINK, who came in second, is growing into a world-class girl group, expanding both their popularity and fandom in Asia and around the world.

Credit: KOZ Entertainment, EDAM Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Rain Company

Best Male Solo Artist

’ ZICO (71 points) ’ Rain (38 points) ’ Paul Kim (23 points) ’ Baekhyun & G-Dragon (16 points) ’ Park Hyo Shin & Jang Beom Joon & Lim Young Woong (14 points)

ZICO, who can dance, sing, rap, and produce, topped the list, proving his potential. Rain, who became the star of the new meme with “GANG,” came in second, and Paul Kim, who established an unrivaled position as a male solo ballad singer, came in third. G-Dragon, who has not been active for some time, was named in the fourth place, drawing attention.


Best Female Solo Artist

’ IU (115 points) ’ Taeyeon (52 points) ’ Chung Ha (38 points) ’ Heize (21 points) ’ Sunmi (17 points) ’ Lee Hyori (11 points)

IU, a talented musician with excellent writing, composing and producing skills and a successful actor, topped the list. Taeyeon, who has been recognized for her impressive vocal since Girls’ Generation and became a successful solo artist, ranked second, while I.O.I’s Chung Ha, the emerging star, ranked third.


Best Rising Star in K-POP Scene (including solo artist and idol group + those who made their debut in or after 2019)

’ TXT (60 points) ’ ITZY (43 points) ’ SM Rookie Girl Group (13 points) ’ CRAVITY & TREASURE & ATEEZ (7 points)


Best K-POP Producer

’ Bang Shi Hyuk, the chair of Big Hit Entertainment (101 points) ’ Producer Lee Soo Man, SM Entertainment ’ Producer Park Jin Young, JYP Entertainment ’ ZICO & TEDDY (11 points)


Best K-POP Label

’ SM Entertainment (98 points) ’ Big Hit Entertainment (82 points) ’ JYP Entertainment (48 points) ’ YG Entertainment (8 points)


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