SF9 to Make Surprise Comeback On July 6

Credit: FNC Entertainment

SF9 is preparing for its comeback.

According to FNC Entertainment, SF9 confirmed their comeback on July 6. On June 21, the agency released a trailer video of SF9’s new album 9loryUS on its official website.

The dreamy atmosphere stood out. The eclipse was shown, and Inseong woke up as if he had a nightmare. After blankly stared at his bracelet, he got out of bed and walked up to the window. Then the faces of SF9 members were shown in shadow, just like the sun being covered by the moon.

On June 21, on actual annular solar eclipse took place. The trailer was released on the same day, drawing much attention.

An official said, “It is a rather dark video based on solar eclipse. Please look forward to how SF9 will portray the brilliant moments in ‘9loryUS.’”

It is SF9’s comeback in about 6 months. In January, SF9 proved its popularity by topping music shows for the first time with “Good Guy,” the title track of their first full-length album First Collection.

Meanwhile, SF9 is planning to release their comeback promotion content sequentially.

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