Lee Hyori Talks About Her Past Fin.K.L Days

Credit: MBC

Lee Hyori shared an episode from her Fin.K.L days.

In the latest episode of MBC’s How Do You Play?, Kwang Hee mentioned Lee Hyori’s past video, which became a hot topic recently.

The video showed Lee Hyori sleeping on top of the drawer behind Fin.K.L. members who were having an interview.

After watching the video, Lee Hyori said, ‘Wasn’t I crazy? I was an idol. But I wonder why they left me alone. Our manager, members, and the producer, they all didn’t wake me up. The schedules were murderous.“

Lee Hyori then confessed another anecdote. She said, “Back then, I didn’t have any attachment (to my work). During one interview, the interviewer asked us, ‘What kind of preparations do you guys do before heading stage?’ Joo Hyun answered that she warms up her voice, and I said, ‘I look at the mirror. It’s all lip-sync anyway.’” Then she jokingly added, “I guess I wasn’t sober enough. I said those things, and I was the one who worked the hardest on stage,” giving a big laugh.

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