9MUSES’s Gyeongree Confesses About Group’s Disbandment for the First Time

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Gyeongree confessed her feelings after the disbandment of 9MUSES.

In the latest episode of tvN’s On and Off, which aired on June 20, Gyeongree appeared as a guest and shared her daily life as she enjoyed sports and hobbies.

During the episode, Gyeongree talked about how she wrote a diary for 12 years from the beginning of her trainee days. Jo Se Ho praised her by saying, “I filmed with Gyeongree before, and I asked her why she was trying so hard. She said, ‘I want to make 9MUSES popular in every way I can,’ and I thought that moment that she was an awesome person.”

Gyeongree also confessed, “I’ve been working as 9MUSES for 7 to 8 years, and when our career suddenly stopped, I had a mental breakdown.”

She recalled the time when 9MUSES disbanded and said, “The album was supposed to come out, but the project got halted, and suddenly our activities stopped. I felt terrible at the time. There were times when I worked alone (without an agency) trying to do something, but it (the difficulty) stayed the same. So I stopped everything for a few months. I couldn’t do anything with that feeling.”

Yubin, who also suffered the disbandment of Wonder Girls, expressed her sympathy, saying, “It’s like what you have been pouring all your passion into disappears like a mirage.”

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