Some Fans Releases a Statement Demanding SM to Expel Taeyong from NCT

Credit: NAVER, Dispatch

A statement demanding Taeyong, who sparked the controversy over school bullying, to leave NCT has been released.

On June 17, some fans gathered and issued an official statement demanding Taeyong to leave NCT through online communities and press releases.

The statement reads, “We demand Taeyong to leave NCT as he continues to be a bad influence on NCT’s brand image. Taeyong has made a bad image of the team with constant gossip even from before his debut. The problem has worsened after he was involved in the controversy over school bullying. Fans have trusted and supported SM Entertainment and Taeyong’s position on the premise that Taeyong will sincerely reflect on the past.”

In September last year, Wikitree reported that NCT Taeyong was involved in bullying his classmates when he was in middle school.

However, SM Entertainment denied the allegations by saying that there were no such records left on his student record. “Taeyong deeply regrets his unwise behaviors and hurtful words, and apologizes to everyone who was hurt before and after his debut,”

And yet, some fans supporting Taeyong’s leave said, “The informant’s recent additional remarks prove that Taeyong condoned the secondary offenses against the informant without remorse. This has destroyed the trust of our fans, which has been kept tight throughout the controversy,” demanding the expel of Taeyong.

In a recent online community post, the informant claimed that they were being harassed severely by alleged fans of NCT’s Taeyong.

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  • Middle school….. Enough said. Lord forbid that he maybe IDK change with adulthood. Children change. They are trying to fit in when they are young to find out where they belong in not only society but life. You can not fault a middle schooler for their actions when they are yet to reach that level of maturity. I was personally assulted and bullied in school my entire life. They are no longer bullies and I have forgiven them for their ignorance as a child and teenager. He is not the person he was a minute ago let alone years ago.

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