Big Hit Entertainment Recruiting Female Trainees in Japan?

BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment has started recruiting female trainees through its Japanese corporation. A new project seems to have begun.

Big Hit Japan opened its official SNS account named “Big Hit Japan Audition” on June 17 and announced the related information.

The account introduced the team as “an official scouting account of the Japanese subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment that includes BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and Lee Hyun.”

They also wrote, “As a first step, we are looking for women living in Japan and born on or after January 1, 2001.” Any women, regardless of genre or experience, can register for the audition.

They did not specify the purpose of the audition, and Big Hit also stated that the audition is conducted separately from the headquarter. An official from Big Hit Entertainment said told tvX, “The audition is held by Big Hit Japan apart from the headquarter of Big Hit, and it is conducted separately from the ongoing global audition.”

Big Hit earlier announced that they and Source Music are preparing for a new girl group with the goal of presenting them in 2021.

However, Big Hit Japan is also preparing a separate project in Japan.

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