Cho Jin Woong Talks About Starring in Fellow Actor’s Directorial Debut Film ‘Me and Me’


In a round interview held on June 16, Cho Jin Woong shared his feelings about working on actor Jung Jin Young’s first film as a director.

Me and Me is a movie about a detective, who was investigating a mysterious fire case, faces a shocking situation of everything about him erased, and tries to search his real self. Cho Jin Woong plays detective Hyung Goo, who falls into chaos as everything about his life disappears overnight.

Cho Jin Woong began the interview by explaining why he chose the film. Earlier, director Jung Jin Young said, “I was thankful for Cho Jin Woong’s decision to star in the film only a day after receiving the scenario.” To which, Cho Jin Woong said, “In fact, I didn’t make the decision in one day. However, after I finished reading the scenario in a day, I wanted to meet the director and ask a ton of things about the work.”


When asked if the fact that it was directed by a fellow actor affected the decision, he replied, “I can’t say there is none, but it didn’t come as a burden.” Cho Jin Woong added, “The director gave me the scenario and asked me to meet the next day. He didn’t want to talk about the movie, but just wanted to have a cup of tea. But still, how could I meet with without reading a line? So I read in a hurry, and strangely, it was a breezy read.”

He went on to say, “Rather than thinking that it (scenario) was difficult, I believed that it could have different interpretations. And I’m sure some audiences are only in search of those films. Personally, I like all kinds. I love ‘Harry Potter,’ but I also enjoy movies like ‘The Lives of Others.’ I also like zombies. I’m really looking forward to ‘#ALIVE.’”

Cho Jin Woong, who eventually met with director Jung Jin Young, is said to have drunk the truffle-infused soju, which appears in the film. “He (Jung Jin Young) told me, ‘This is truffle soju. Give it a go,’ so I drank it. I don’t normally drink infused liquor, but I got a little heated up after drinking. He suddenly called someone and said, ‘Cho Jin Woong said he would do it.’ Just like that, I’ve crossed the river. And soon, the articles come out, and there’s no backsies,” said Cho Jin Woong, giving a big laugh.

Me and Me and its unpredictable peculiar story unveils on June 18.

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