Time to Get Ready for the New Transformation of Nana Through ‘Memorials’

Nana expressed her extraordinary feelings after heralding a new transformation through Memorials.

Credit: KBS

Memorials, which will premiere on July 1, is the story of young people, who have chosen candidacy instead of getting jobs, and politicians. At the center of the play, there’s Koo Se Ra, a 29-year-old job hunter who threw her hat into the ring for the district council. Nana, who successfully broke away from her images as an idol through dramas The Good Wife, Justice, and film The Swindlers, has heralded a new transformation into a completely different character than before.

Nana, who made her comeback to the small screen after about 10 months, frankly told her why she decided to appear on the drama and her character.

“It’s both realistic and warm,” Nana said of the reason for choosing Memorials. “I felt both fun and touched by the small stories. The script made me feel like I would like to help someone through this work.”

She also added, “Director Hwang Seung Ki, who I have worked with before in Justice, directed the drama, so I had trust in him. The time I spent with the director before remained a good memory, and I wanted to work with him once again in a different genre.”

Credit: KBS

Regarding her role Koo Se Ra, Nana answered, “She is an honest and reckless person who can’t stand the injustice and has to say what’s on her mind. So there are many things to gain, but also many things to lose. She is a passionate person when it comes to her family, so I felt satisfaction and good influence while reading the script.”

When asked about her transformation, Nana said, “I tried to stick to the script. Se Ra’s bright and cheerful charms were well explained in the script, and I tried to express them honestly without forcing anything.” She added, “Fortunately, many people liked it, so I gained confidence and strength. I hope you like both Se Ra and Nana,” adding that she is doing her best to become a cheerful and bubbly Koo Se Ra.

Nana’s unrelenting passion has been praised by the production team. Attention is focusing on whether Nana’s transformation can be a reliever for the KBS mini-series, which has been mired in a slump.

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