‘Peninsula’ Unveils the Main Trailer Ahead of Its Official Release in July

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Peninsula, the sequel of K-zombie film Train to Busan, has released its official trailer. Four years after the disaster in Busan, what kind of chaos takes place?

Director Yeon Sang Ho‘s new film Peninsula released its main trailer on June 16. Intense gun fights and speedy car races against the slew of zombies are thrilling.

Peninsula is a film about the final struggle of those left in the ruined land four years after Train to Busan. Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won) has stayed in a lethargic mood since he managed to escape the peninsula four years ago.

However, Jung Soek and his crew get an offer they cannot refuse. Eventually, they head back to the peninsula, where everything stopped after the disaster.

Jung Seok and his crew thought that they would get the money sooner than they thought ended up making a careless mistake, and are surrounded by a swarm of zombies. At the moment of desperation, a car appears out of nowhere. Soon, they meet Min Jung (Lee Jung Hyun) and her family.

Min Jung’s family is called the “wild dogs.” They have been surviving by dodging zombies and soldiers of Unit 631.

Unit 631 was originally soldiers on a mission to protect people. But after losing humanity and rationality, they are only left with instincts and barbarism. They have now become even more dangerous than zombies.

Jung Seok, Min Jung’s family, crazy soldiers, and more threatening zombies. What kind of struggle will they face in the ruined land?

Meanwhile, Peninsula will be released in major countries next month.

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