[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to ‘Backstreet Rookie’

Credit: SBS

On June 19, Backstreet Rookie will premiere as the follow-up of The King: Eternal Monarch. It is an unpredictable comic romance drama between a convenience store owner and an eccentric part-timer, and is based on a popular webtoon that garnered 57 million views. On top of that, the fact that Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung, and director Lee Myung Woo have joined hands drew much attention even from the production stage.

Credit: SBS

Ji Chang Wook – Choi Dae Hyun (Convenience Store Owner/ Manager)

Unlike his seemingly cold appearance, he is an honest and warm-hearted handsome manager. After working in the public relations team at the convenience store’s headquarters for two years, he quits his job and opens up his own convenience store, but the business is slack. His entire family jumped in to help out the store, but when his father collapses, he has no other choice but to hire a part-timer. And yet, Jung Saet Byul, who left a bad impression on him, applied. Biting the bullet, he hires her, but he cannot seem to erase the doubts he has against her.

Credit: SBS

Kim Yoo Jung – Jung Saet Byul (A Part-Timer at a Convenience Store)

Contrary to her cute appearance, she is a 22-year-old four-dimensional girl with amazing fighting skills. Boys after boys challenged her in her school days, but at the same time, those boys lined up to ask her out. But there’s only one guy who distracts her, Cha Dae Hyun. When she sent him on a cigarette errand, he instead bought an Eun Dan (a quit-smoking product), leaving a strong impression. Three years later, she enters Dae Hyun’s convenience store as apart-timer.

Credit: SBS

Han Sun Hwa – Yoo Yeon Joo (Dae Hyun’s Girlfriend & Team Leader of Public Relations Team at Convenience Store Headquarters)

Although she is the daughter of the second-largest shareholder of the convenience store, she fairly joined the company and was promoted with her excellent performances. She fell in love with the new recruit Choi Dae Hyun and started dating, but things haven’t been the same since he quit his job and opened a convenience store. Jung Saet Byul appears in Dae Hyun’s store, and in the midst of confusion, her close friend Seung Joon approaches her.


Do Sang Woo – Jo Seung Joon (Son of the Owner of Convenience Store Head Office)

He is a well-mannered and gentle son of a company chairman. He had feelings for Yeon Joo, who he had known since they were both kids, but failed to confess because he was afraid of losing their friendship. He pretended to smile when Yeon Joo started dating Dae Hyun, but now he has a chance. He could tell that Saet Byul’s appearance has created a crack between Yeon Joo and Dae Hyun’s relationship.

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