Song Ji Hyo, Shin Hye Sun & Lee Joo Young, the Female Actors Who Shined Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic

The movie industry, which was hit directly by the COVID-19 pandemic, is gradually gaining momentum. This is mainly because a series of Korean films starring star actors are getting ready to be released in June. Moreover, the Korean Film Council has been implementing measures to distribute 1.33 million discount tickets to movie theaters across the country over three weeks since June 4, having a positive impact on the audience inflow. In such times, female actors’ performances clearly stand out. The first two commercial films to be released after overcoming the horror of COVID-19 are Intruder and Innocence, female-oriented films.


In Intruder, Song Ji Hyo played the role of a sister who returned to her family after 25 years, creating dramatic tension with Kim Moo Yeol. The fact that she is an actor with strong support from Asian fans through Running Man also naturally raised interest in the movie. Intruder was pre-sold in 26 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Russia, before the official release, and ranked second in the box office on the first day of release in Taiwan. Contrary to her easy-going and cheerful appearance in Running Man, Song Ji Hyo’s solid acting prowess of flawlessly portraying an enigmatic character who exudes cold tension is well-received.


Innocence is a two-top female film starring Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok. In work based on the pesticide makgeolli case, Shin Hye Sun played a lawyer at a large firm who tries to protect her mother, who has become a suspect in a murder case, while Bae Jong Ok plays the mother who suffers from dementia. Despite the somewhat mediocre content, the two actors are receiving positive reviews thanks to their stable performances. In particular, Shin Hye Sun’s acting, even with the fact that this is her first leading role in the big screen, is highly acclaimed. With her restrained performances, Shin Hye Sun successfully delivered a character who is full of fighting spirits to solve the murder case after reuniting her long-lost family.

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Independent films have already been bravely released or are preparing the release despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Coincidentally, the movies that have caught the attention, such as Jazzy Misfits, Bori, and A French Woman, are all female-centered films. The same goes for Baseball Girl, which is set to be released on June 18. It tells the story of the only female player on a high school baseball team who dreams of joining the pro league. Lee Joo Young, who appeared in Itaewon Class, expressed her character, who is moving forward with such perseverance, in a simple yet charming manner.

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