[PICK] Busan’s Best Attractions in Korean Films

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Movies give you the pleasure of indirectly experiencing beautiful attractions all over the world. With most travels by air are impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic (although some countries are opening their doors again), why don’t we go on a safe online trip from home? Busan is an attractive city with a wonderful combination of sea and mountains, crowded with tourists who come on vacation to escape the hot summer heat. This article will introduce the films that show various aspects of Busan.


Haeundae – Haeundae Beach & Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Haeundae Beach is the first place you think of when you think of Busan. In summer, it becomes the stage for youth as it attracts many tourists, and in fall, it presents the unique beauty of the Busan International Film Festival. As it has always been a popular attraction, it has appeared in many works. Among them, director Yoon Je Kyun’s Haeundae, which attracted 10 million viewers, is famous for being a Korean-style disaster film. But, Haeundae Beach is not the only attraction you can see in the movie. Igidae Park and Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium, where baseball player Lee Dae Ho made a surprise appearance, also draw attention. Especially if you visit Busan, famous for having many enthusiastic baseball fans, watching baseball at Sajik Baseball Stadium can be an exciting experience.


Nowhere to Hide – 40-Step Culture & Tourism Theme Street

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The 40-Step Culture & Tourism Theme Street gained fame when it appeared in the opening of director Lee Myung Se’s film Nowhere to Hide, released in 1999. The stairs itself has a long history. It was used as a venue for reunions of families separated during the Korean War and symbolizes the joys and sorrows of refugee life. Though it is now blocked with buildings, people could see Yeongdo Bridge when they sat on the stairs during the war, which helped them soothe the hardships of being a refugee.


Tazza: The High Rollers – Hwangnyeongsan Mountain & Busan Fireworks Festival

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Tazza: The High Rollers, which used the entire nation as filming locations, did not pass Busan. Go Ni (Jo Seung Woo) and Ko Kwang Ryeol (Yoo Hae Jin) meet Kwak Chul Yong (Kim Eung Soo) for the first time at a gambling place where gamblers from all over the country gather, which is located at the summit of Hwangnyeongsan Mountain in Busan. The peak of Hwangnyeongsan Mountain, where visitors can see the beautiful night view of Busan at a glance, is a favorite place for Busan citizens. In fall, even more people visit the summit to see the Busan International Fireworks Festival held every fall, in a full view.


Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time & The Attorney ” Yeongdo, Huinnyeoul Culture Village & Taejongdae


Nameless Gangster and The Attorney, both set in Busan, are films that have performed well in critics and box office. The two films start with the backdrop of Yeongdo, Busan, where Hyung Bae (Ha Jung Woo) was active and where Choi Soon Ae (Kim Young Ae) lived. In particular, Huinnyeoul Culture Village has become a popular attraction for tourists as it has also appeared in both films. If you have visited Yeongdo, you may want to take a look around Taejongdae, which offers a different view of the coast from Haeundae. In 2005, it was designated as the No.17 state-designated scenic spots. Dense evergreen trees and cliff made out of oddly shaped rocks are in beautiful harmony with the sea, boasting a fantastic view. When the weather is good, you can even spot Tsushima Island (of Japan) located 56 kilometers away.


The Unjust, New World & Red Carpet – Centum City & Busan Cinema Center

Credit: NEW

Korean noir films The Unjust and New World, and the romantic comedy Red Carpet, which features the filming sites of erotic films, chose Busan’s Centum City. A high-rise building and the ocean in one view remind people of Hong Kong. In The Unjust and New World, it appeared as the place where major events took place. Red Carpet also featured the Busan Cinema Center.

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