Han Ye Seul Chose Her Ex-Boyfriend Teddy as the Person She Loved the Most

Credit: YouTube “Han Ye Seul Is”

Han Ye Seul told her honest story about her ex-boyfriend Teddy during her recent Q&A video.

On June 11, Han Ye Seul posted a video on her personal YouTube channel titled “Curious about me? Han Ye Seul’s Q&A.”

In the video, Han Ye Eul answered the questions posted by fans. And someone asked, “Who left the biggest mark in your heart?”

She answered, “Honestly, it’s who I loved most. For me… Am I allowed to tell?” After hesitating a bit, she covered her mouth and mentioned her ex-boyfriend Teddy’s name. She then said, “Who I loved the most. That’s him. I can’t deny it.”

People who saw this responded, “How honest. She’s amazing,” “She’s so pure when it comes to love” or “Maybe she still has feelings for him.”

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