‘Running Man’ Production Team Explains Their Decisions of Closing the Message Board

Credit: Ji Seok Jin Instagram

The production team of Running Man has shut down the message board on its official website. Many are speculating that such a measure may be due to the hate comments towards Jeon So Min.

As of June 10, only private messages can be written on the message board of Running Man‘s official website. If the previous form allowed everyone to read what was written, now only the production team can see the postings.

An official from the production team said, “We didn’t shut down the message board as some media wrote. He just changed the format so that only the production team can read the postings. There have been many malicious comments about the cast and the production team until now. Overall, there were countless hate comments that went over the line, so we decided to change the message board private. We didn’t make this decision for certain cast member (Jeon So Min).”

Credit: Sports Today

Despite this explanation, however, the sudden change is believed to be for Jeon So Min. Jeon So Min was bombarded with hate comments from fans of Running Man. This eventually led to Jeon So Min’s health issues. She temporarily suspended her activities for about 6 weeks after hearing from the medical staff that she needed a break. Even then, Jeon So Min’s brother released malicious comments he received about Jeon So Min and her family from overseas fans.

Even after returning, some people impersonated her in the “Running Man” chatroom, making Jeon So Min to publicly clear all the misunderstanding.

Jeon So Min returned to Running Man on May 31.

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