Upcoming K-Zombie Film ‘#ALIVE’ Unveiled Unique Character Posters

Upcoming film #ALIVE has released character posters that present realistic tension.

#ALIVE is a survival thriller about those who are isolated in an apartment as data, Wi-Fi, text messages, and phones all cut off amid people with unknown symptoms begin to attack.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The released character posters catch the eye by perfectly capturing the different images of the two isolated survivors alone in the apartment without knowing anything.

In particular, the posters create a more realistic and vivid tension with a differentiated composition that seems to show the survivors in real-time through a mobile phone.

In Jun Woo’s poster, he is staring at somewhere looking terrified. Also, the copies that read “Seoul, Korea,” “#AM06:24” and “#internet disconnected” stimulate curiosity about the unpredictable story of survivors who have to survive in a world where all connections, both online and offline, have been severed.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

In Yoo Bin’s poster, she amplifies the tension with a look of surprise and a copy of “#Now, outside #They are going crazy.”

On top of that, the broken phone screen, the disconnected internet, and the unable to call sign herald the extreme crisis that the two will face, doubling the anticipation.

#ALIVE is scheduled to be released on June 24.

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