Kang Daniel Reveals His Manager Came to His Home Everyday During His Most Difficult Time

기사 이미지
Credit: MBC

Kang Daniel shared about how he overcame his difficult times.

On June 6th airing of MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere, Kang Daniel expressed his gratitude toward his manager.

The artist shared, “He came when it was the craziest. Before things settled down, it was when I was having the most difficult time. He came every single day when I was having a hard time.”

Kang Daniel’s manager revealed, “He told me that he is happy when he is with me. He told me not to go anywhere until I get promoted. And he tells me that he loves me often. It makes me very proud as a manager.”

Kang Daniel also shared, “He came to my house every day for 2 months. It was when it had only been 4 months since he had become my manager. At first, I was curious too and asked him why he kept coming. Those times were precious to me. It allowed me to step up internally.”

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