‘Peninsula’ Released the Second Posters that Capture the Survivors’ Final Battle

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The action blockbuster film Peninsula, which was officially invited to the 2020 Cannes International Film Festival, unveiled its second posters.

Taking place four years after Train to Busan, Peninsula depicts the final struggle of those left in the ruined land. The second posters convey volatile tension against the backdrop of the zombie-infested city.

The second posters, which was released on June 5, vividly captures the struggle of Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won), who returned to the deserted land after four years after accepting an unavoidable offer, the survivors who became more like the wild dogs, and those who lost their humanity and gone insane in order to survive.

The sight of Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won), who is aiming at the target with a gun, and Min Jung (Lee Jung Hyun), who is behind the wheel, moving forward through a slew of zombies heralds a striking and speedy action. Then, the sight of a flock of zombies surrounding a group of survivors in the midst of a ruined downtown area makes us expect the grand scale of the post-apocalypse world view.

The desperate struggles of the returned, the survivors, and the insane are expected to deliver thrilling and sensuous action delights.

Director Yeon Sang Ho’s new film Peninsula is scheduled to be released in July at the same time in major countries.

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