Bae Jong Ok Fired Parting Shot at Young Actors

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Actor Bae Jong Ok fired a bitter parting shot at young actors.

On June 5, Bae Jong Ok had a round interview with multiple media outlets for her new movie Innocence (literal translation).

During the interview, Bae Jong Ok said, “These days, young actors don’t come out to the set when they arrive at the filming locations. Rather, most of them sit in their cars all day and only come out when the assistant director calls them just before the actual filming.”

“I just don’t understand that,” she said. “It felt like young actors mechanically rehearse the lines. There is that certain atmosphere in the space of filming location, but they just don’t want to know about it.”

“Of course, I try not to say these things to them because I feel like I’m nagging them. I once told this to a junior, and I got furious at his attitude,” Bae Jong Ok said.

Credit: OSEN

She added, “I even once asked them, ‘What the hell do you have in your car?’ I just couldn’t understand their attitudes, so I asked my manager. He told me that the reason they don’t come out of their cars is the pride between the actors. To me, that is just ridiculous. I think there should be a change in the environment among your actors. I really don’t believe this (the current environment) is right.”

“Acting isn’t just about lines. We need to create the characters’ emotions within these lines. The detailed and delicate changes are present in them. And these things eventually get exuded in the space.”

Lastly, Bae Jong Ok laughed as she said, “When I go to the filming locations now, I’m the eldest. So people are keep telling me to sit somewhere, considering me. However, I’m walking around the set, thinking about my character and the work. I guess people are thinking, ‘Why is she standing so uncomfortably?’”

Baek Jong Ok’s new film Innocence is scheduled to be released on June 10.

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