‘Kkondae Intern’ Amps Up Its Synergy with Trot OST

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Kkondae Intern, which has been on the rise in viewership by catching both the fun and popularity, juices up its excitement with trot OST.

Kkondae Intern is a comic office drama about a man who receives his past kkondae boss as his subordinate (kkondae ” an older person who believes they are always right). With the actors’ enthusiastic performances, solid script, and the rhythmic and sensible trot OST sang by the “trot-men,” the drama is keeping its No.1 spot among Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

In particular, Kkondae Intern OST drew much attention even before its release with the meeting between drama and trot. Like the spices added to the fried rice, trot music melts in perfectly with the characters, giving off the perfect synergy.


The first song, “Kkondae Latte,” infers the popular buzzword “You know, when I was your age” (which sounds like the word Latte in Korean) as its title. The song presents witty, satirical lyrics about kkondaes, addictive chorus, and impressive vocal of Young Tak. The song enlivens the chemistry between Ga Yeol Chan (Park Hae Jin) and Lee Man Shik (Kim Eung Soo) even more, increasing the level of immersion. In addition to singing the OST, Young Tak made a surprise appearance in the drama, captivating the viewers.


The second OST “Fate in Time” took the title from the Buddhism term, “every relationship comes and goes according to time.” The song gives a warm comfort with a message that says, “You don’t have to be sad that you and your friend are drifting apart. Because one day, just like the spring day, a new relationship will come to you. So let’s keep our gratitude for our past relationship.” It features a rich violin melody and a clear voice of Lee Chan Won.

On June 4, Kkondae Intern‘s third OST “Uphill,” sang by Mr.Trot‘s Kim Hee Jae, will be released.

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