AB6IX’s Youngmin Was Caught DUI and Will Halt All His Activities

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AB6IX‘s Youngmin will halt all his activities. Recently, he was caught drunk driving, and his license was revoked.

According to Brandnew Music, the group’s agency, Youngmin had a drinking party with his friends at dawn on May 31 and was caught by the police for DUI as he was driving back to his house.

The result is the revocation of his license. Brandnew Music added, “Youngmin is deeply regretting and reflecting on himself, and if there is a necessary investigation in the future, he will faithfully commit to them.”

From now on, Youngmill will halt all his activities as a member of AB6IX. Upcoming AB6IX schedule will be held without him.

The release of the group’s new album will also be delayed. Originally AB6IX’s new album was scheduled to be released on June 8. However, the agency decided that the team maintenance needs to come first. The release was postponed to the 29th.

Brandnew Music said, “We feel responsible for the incident. We sincerely apologize. We will do our best to not let such an incident happen again in the future.”

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