Song Ji Hyo Talks About Trying on a New Face Through ‘Intruder’

“Over the past decade, I’ve been playing many bright and healthy characters. When I saw the scenario of the movie ‘Intruder,’ I was attracted to it because I thought I could convey a new side of me to the audience.”

Song Ji Hyo, who conducted an interview ahead of the release of Intruder on the 2nd, expressed satisfaction with the movie.


Song Ji Hyo challenged the thriller genre for the first time in 17 years since her debut film Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs. “There was no pressure about my transformation. I was merely happy when the opportunity to do something different approached me, and I didn’t think of anything else,” she said.

Intruder is the story of Seo Jin digging into Yoo Jin’s identity as his family members got strange since his missing sister Yoo Jin appeared after 25 years. Yoo Jin emits a peculiar atmosphere all along, raising doubts about her identity.

Song Ji Hyo said, “People can’t always be happy and delighted. I have my own emotions like joy, anger, and sorrow. Yoo Jin highlighted feelings that had not been revealed before. I love the fact that this was a chance for me to show a whole new side of me.”

Credit: SBS

Song Ji Hyo, who approached the public friendly and familiarly through Running Man, has drawn out the new aspect of herself as an actor through Yoo Jin. Some say that her transformation is “out of her entertainment show images.” However, Song Ji Hyo expressed her infinite affection for Running Man and said, “I don’t want to shake off my images in ‘Running Man.’”

“It’s rather nice that people think of me more brightly and positively after appearing on an entertainment show. I’m sure it would have taken a long time to show such sides through dramas or movies. Because I have gained so much, I never dream of breaking away from those images. I will continue to be a part of ‘Running Man’ and will also continue my acting career.”

Credit: JTBC

Song Ji Hyo will meet with the viewers once again with a bright and cheerful look through Was It Love?, which is scheduled to air in July. This romance drama is about the romance between a single mom and four men. “I guessed this will be my last romantic comedy work, so I thought I shouldn’t miss this opportunity,” Song Ji Hyo said with a smile.

However, the actor expressed concerns about the release of the movie, as the official release was postponed several times in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. She said, “I am both pressured and afraid, but I hope it’ll be the time to learn how to enjoy leisure time while following safety rules. I hope this movie presents you with some kind of relaxation.”

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