[Upcoming K-Drama] The Key Points of ‘My Unfamiliar Family’ Told by the Actors

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My Unfamiliar Family is getting ready to introduce a special empathy and laughter of the ordinary family.

tvN’s new drama My Unfamiliar Family, which will premiere on June 1, depicts the process of strangers who are like family and family who are like strangers overcoming misunderstandings and understanding each other. Prominent actors, including Han Ye Ri, Kim Ji Suk, Choo Ja Hyun, Jung Jin Young, Won Mi Kyung, Shin Jae Ha, Kim Tae Hoon, and Shin Dong Wook, will appear as ordinary people who might as well be around us. What is the charm of My Unfamiliar Family according to the actors?


Jung Jin Young – Kim Sang Shik (a father who got distant from his family after devoting his youth in working, raising three siblings)

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“It is a warm consolation to people who have faced a tough spring season. You’ll be able to wrap up the evening with laughter. Very cheerful, and yet deep stories come and go. We’ve been working hard. Please show us a lot of love.”


Won Mi Kyung – Lee Jin Sook (a mother who dreams of the second act of her life and asks for “graduation of marriage”)

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“Our nearest family. How much do we know about them? Through the drama, I want people to think, ‘Am I really with my family,’ and grow a bit closer with their family.”


Choo Ja Hyun – Kim Eun Joo (She gave up a great job after getting married, but somehow drifted away from the ordinary life she wanted)

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“If you watch the drama with thoughts of finding my root or looking back at your family, you will be broadening your view. It starts calm, but within that calmness, there a big whirlpool. Anyone can relate to this drama.”


Han Ye Ri – Kim Eun Hee (a second child who is used to looking after other people’s minds after taking care of her brother and sister)

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“Family is always around us, so they’re both comfortable and difficult. This is a drama where you can see the whole process of loving and communicating with each other.”


Shin Jae Ha – Kim Ji Woo (youngest son with good personality and gender heart)

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“It’ll be fun to focus on the secrets of the family that looks normal but is never normal. ”


Kim Ji Suk – Park Chan Hyeok (a family-like friend of Kim Eun Hee)

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“Family is perhaps the most familiar and warm thing to us, but in a way, the easiest people to be hurt and sick. I think it would be meaningful to compare how much we know about our family while watching the family in the drama.”

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