Jo Jung Suk Said, “I said I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Credit: tvN

The first actor to be cast in tvN’s Hospital Playlist was Jo Jung Suk. As a fan of the “Reply” series, he blindly accepted the offer to appear in the drama, believing in director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung without seeing the script first. “As soon as I received the offer, I was suddenly filled with endorphins. I didn’t even know who my fellow actors were going to be. I just said yes.”

“Our drama talked about the warmth of ordinary people and their lives,” Jo Jung Suk said in a written interview with Kookmin Ilbo. “The power from triviality may be the driving force behind the success.”

Hospital Playlist is meaningful to Jo Jung Suk in many ways. The drama aired only once a week, and such an arrangement was the first even for a veteran actor. Jo Jung Suk said, “It was strange in the beginning. I was worried if the viewers could follow the drama’s flow. But it was a way to improve the poor condition at the filming site or the staff’s working environment. The actors were able to work in a good environment, too.”

Credit: tvN

He also challenged the drama’s OST. Ik Jun is the main vocalist of Mido And Parasol, the band made by five doctors in the play. A former musical actor, Jo Jung Suk topped the music charts by singing “AROHA” and “With My Tears.” Even now when the season 1 has ended, the band ensemble continues. “We don’t know what songs we will be playing in season 2, so we’re going to gather five people’s ideas to choose the songs and practice together.”

Viewers were consoled by the debonair and prudent nature of Ik Jun. Jo Jung Suk portrayed Ik Jun, who could have been exaggerated, honestly and straightforwardly. In fact, Ik Jun was also a character that Jo Jung Suk himself wanted to resemble. The actor said, “The medium that delivers Ik Jun to viewers is actor Jo Jung Suk. I tried hard to make various aspects of Ik Jun come alive. I thought I should make the right use of Jo Jung Suk to express Ik Jun.”

Even after studying everything about Ik Jun, Jo Jung Suk never expected the love line with Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do). He also said that he knew that there will be some love scenes in the drama even before filming, but “never expected that them to be with Song Hwa and that it wouldn’t conclude in this season.”

It has been 10 years since he made his debut through musical The Nutcracker in 2004. When asked about how he feels when looking back at his career, Jo Jung Suk answered, “I’m still running. Please ask me the same question 10 years later.”

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