Big Hit Officially Apologizes for Using Jim Jones’s Speech + Suga’s Previous Remarks Make Headlines

As Suga was caught in a controversy for inserting Jim Jones’s speech in the track of his new mixtape, Big Hit Entertainment apologized in an official statement. However, criticism is mounting after Suga’s previous remarks during his live streaming made headlines.

Big Hit Entertainment stressed that sampling of Jim Jones’s voice in “What do you think?,” a track from Agust D‘s mixtape D-2, had no particular intention. “The introductory sample was selected by the producer who worked on the track in consideration of the overall atmosphere of the song without knowing the speaker,” they said in an official statement.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

They added, “We also carried out a process to check the appropriateness of contents during the internal processes. In the process, we didn’t recognize the problem, and the error of using it (sampling) happened. We are checking into what may be a problem in society, culture, and history. However, there is a limit to understanding and responding to everything.”

They also added Suga’s position. “Artist himself is also perplexed by the fact that the problem surfaces in an unexpected area. He also feels deeply responsible.”

The problematic introduction was immediately deleted, and a revised version was released.

Credit: V Live

However, the controversy still continues. During the recent live streaming on V LIVE, Suga said, “Originally, mixtape had 8 tracks, ‘Daechwita’ and ‘interlude’ were not included. But I wanted to include 10 songs.”

Soon, he said the “problematic remarks.” Suga said, “It a luck that was brought on by coronavirus. It’s not because of corona, but thanks to corona.”

Some are pointing out his remarks as “inappropriate.”

“Saying this was careless, adding Jim Jones’s voice was careless. Everything was careless.”

“Did he really just say that?”

However, some are saying that it’s not a problem.

“Come on, people. Don’t nitpick.”

“Don’t you understand Korean? What he said is not a problem.”

“What he meant is that since all concerts were canceled, it was a luck that he got to show more songs.”

Credit: Nate

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