Is Rain Collaborating with Hip-Hop Label H1GHR MUSIC? + Artists of H1GHR MUSIC Join the “1 Day 1 GANG” Craze

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Credit: pH-1, Kim Ha On, Sik-K Instagram

Artists from hip-hop label H1GHR MUSIC have joined the “GANG” craze.

On May 30, Jay Park, the head of the label, Kim Ha On, pH-1, and Sik-K posted photos of themselves in Rain’s trademark “GANG” hat in on their Instagram accounts, drawing attention.

They wrote their names on the so-called “Rain” hats that Rain wore in the “GANG” music video and showed off their swang, catching the eyes.’

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H1GHR MUSIC 🎶 6/2⬆️💽

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In particular, Rain, who is at the center of the “GANG” craze, also released a photo of himself wearing the hat on his Instagram, and wrote a short message, “H1GHR MUSIC 🎶 6/2,” raising the curiosities for his collaboration with the label.

“GANG,” which was released three years ago, has recently been drawing attention with a new meme called “1 Day 1 GANG,” starting the “GANG” craze. Rain also appeared on MBC’s How Do You Play? thanks to the recent meme, and announced his comeback as a co-ed group with Lee Hyori and Yoo Jae Suk.

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