[Weekly TV Top 10] With Slight Increase in Popularity, ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ Returns to the Top Spot

Now that The World of the Married, which has been the hottest topic with every episode, came to an end, who will rise to the top? Last week, new dramas, Kkondae Intern, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, and Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation, featuring novel materials, popular webtoons, and famous actors started side by side, drawing attention. At the same time, The King: Eternal Monarch showed a slight rise. Let’s check out which programs have made headlines over the past week.


The Dramas on the 4th week of May 2020

Credit: SBS

The King: Eternal Monarch won the first place where The World of the Married had left, with critics saying that the development of the latter half was better than the beginning. Hospital Playlist, which ranked second, recorded a steady uptrend, with the response that the “love fight” between Jo Jung Suk and Kim Jun Han for Jeon Mi Do is exciting. New dramas of JTBC and MBC, Mystic Pop-Up Bar and Kkondae Intern, got off to a good start. The news of Mr.Trot‘s Top6 participating in the OST of Kkondae Intern made headlines, whereas Mystic Pop-Up Bar received positive responses for its speedy development.

Credit: SBS

The Top 10 Popularity of TV Dramas

  1. SBS The King: Eternal Monarch (Share od Audience: 25.26) (▲1)
  2. tvN Hospital Playlist (Share of Audience: 19.29) (▲1)
  3. MBC Kkondae Intern (Share of Audience: 10.85) NEW
  4. JTBC Mystic Pop-Up Bar (Share of Audience: 7.5) NEW
  5. KBS2 Once Again (Share of Audience: 6.8) (▲1)
  6. tvN Oh My Baby (Share of Audience: 4.5) (▽1)
  7. SBS Good Casting (Share of Audience: 3.39) (▲1)
  8. tvN When My Love Blooms (Share of Audience: 3.28) (▽1)
  9. KBS2 Born Again (Share of Audience: 2.26) (-)
  10. OCN Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (Share of Audience: 2.57) NEW


The Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Dramas

  1. Kim Go Eun, The King: Eternal Monarch (▲7)
  2. Lee Min Ho, The King: Eternal Monarch (▲2)
  3. Jeon Mi Do, Hospital Playlist (▲6)
  4. Jo Jung Suk, Hospital Playlist (▲2)
  5. Park Hae Jin, Kkondae Intern NEW
  6. Kim Eung Soo, Kkondae Intern NEW
  7. Hwang Jung Eun, Mystic Pop-Up Bar NEW
  8. Lee Cho Hee, Once Again (▲40)
  9. Jang Na Ra, Oh My Baby (▽2)
  10. Yook Sung Jae, Mystic Pop-Up Bar NEW


The Non-Dramas on the 4th week of May 2020


Although the popularity of Heart Signal 3 decreased by 13.03 percent compared to the previous week, it succeeded in maintaining the top spot in non-drama for three consecutive weeks. The appearance of Chun An Na, who was embroiled in a controversy over school bullying, became a hot topic, and the public severely criticized the broadcasting company and the cast for pushing ahead with the appearance. Road to Kingdom, which settled in the second place, showed a decrease in popularity, but with artists’ splendid performance and preparations received enthusiastic cheers from fans. Call Center of Love, ranked third, also made headlines with Lim Young Woong’s “AROHA” stage.

The Top 10 Popularity of TV Non-Dramas

  1. Channel A Heart Signal 3 (Share of Audience: 8.01) (-)
  2. Mnet Road to Kingdom (Share of Audience: 6.48) (-)
  3. TV CHOSUN We Will Sing Your Requests �” Call Center of Love (Share of Audience: 5.98) (▲1)
  4. MBC The Masked Singer (Share of Audience: 5.03) (▽1)
  5. tvN The Great Escape 3 (Share of Audience: 4.04) (-)
  6. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share of Audience: 3.2) (-)
  7. JTBC Phantom Singer 3 (Share of Audience: 2.84) (▲3)
  8. KBS2 Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend (Share of Audience: 2.67) (▲10)
  9. MBC How Do You Play? (Share of Audience: 2.65) (▽2)
  10. TV CHOSUN Mulberry School (Share of Audience: 2.63) (▽2)


The Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Non-Dramas

  1. Chun An Na, Heart Signal 3 NEW
  2. Park Se Ri, I Live Alone NEW
  3. Lee Ga Heun, Heart Signal 3 (▲2)
  4. Kim Kang Yeol, Heart Signal 3 (-)
  5. Park Ji Hyun, Heart Signal 3 (▽4)
  6. Lim Young Woong, We Will Sing Your Requests �” Call Center of Love (▲1)
  7. Lim Young Woong, Mulberry School (▽1)
  8. Lee Chan Won, Omniscient Interfering View NEW
  9. Chun In Woo, Heart Signal 3 (▽3)
  10. Baek Ji Young, Mulberry School NEW


This survey was released on May 25by the TV popularity analysis agency Good Data Corporation after analyzing netizens’ responses, which were generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos and SNSs for the 21 dramas and the 171 non-dramas that are on air or scheduled to air from May 18 through May 24.

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