Lee Jun Young Talks About His Role in ‘Good Casting’

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Lee Jun Young made his debut as a member of U-Kiss in 2014. Since entering the world of acting three years ago with Avengers Social Club, he has been establishing himself as a solid actor, going back and forth from dramas to musicals. Now, he is playing the role of Gang Woo Won, an arrogant superstar in comic action drama Good Casting, showing off his perfect chemistry with Yoo In Young, drawing attention.

Regarding how the love between him and Yoo In Young come to an end, he answered in an interview with My Daily, “Please watch the remaining episodes.”

“I’ve heard a lot that In Young and I look alike. It’s my first time to play such a light character with a love line, so I’m having more fun in filming. In Young really takes good care of me. She and I have a 13 year age gap. It’s not easy to reach out to a junior first, but she approached me first and broke down the wall.”

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Credit: SBS

Lee Jun Young immediately drew attention with his unconventional “exposure scene” in Good Casting. “I wasn’t naked,” he stressed, “I was wearing shorts.” He added, “Many people remember me with that scene. Actually, I was really embarrassed. It was my first scene in ‘Good Casting.’ And it was my first scene with In Young. I wanted to show a more fit body, but it’s somewhat regretful.”

Credit: SBS

He is also giving laughter with comic acting he had never shown before. “Comic acting is tough,” he said. “I’m still wondering if it’s funny because I’m trying to make something funny. You know, Lee Jong Hyuk is excellent at comic acting. I referred to that a lot.”

Lee Jun Young also expressed his gratitude for joining the drama. “I met good seniors and colleagues through this work. I feel this every time, but I think I’m fortunate to meet great people. They listen to my concerns well and give a ton of good advice. It’s amazing to work in such humane work with such humane people,” he said.


Recently, Lee Jun Young wrapped up his creative musical Swag Age: Shout Out, Joseon. Recalling his last performance, he said, “It’s bittersweet. I think all the actors kept their belief that they would show a variety of performances even though the performances got longer due to two weeks break in the middle.”

He went back and forth between Japan and Korea as a member of U-Kiss, auditioned for “The Unit,” and continued his solo and acting career. For those who showed concerns about burnouts, Lee Jun Young showed a mature attitude, saying, “I’m working just enough to not mentally exhaust myself. ”

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