Han So Hee Expresses Her Feelings About the End of ‘The World of the Married’

Credit: JTBC

A remarkable rookie actor appeared after a long time.

Han So Hee rose to play the leading role in a short period and achieved rapid growth. Last year, she appeared on MBC’s Money Flower and tvN’s 100 Days My Prince and Abyss, and most recently played the role of Yeo Da Kyung in JTBC’s The World of the Married, leaving a strong impression. Having realized her popularity even after the end of the drama, she expressed her feelings in a round interview.

Q1. How do you feel about the end of the drama?

A1. I still feel weird and emotional. I wonder if I will meet such work again for the rest of my acting career. Although I was criticized by viewers and acquaintances for playing a villain, I was able to finish it happily thanks to your love.

Q2. Why do you think Yeo Da Kyung fell for Lee Tae Oh?

A2. That part was homework. What I thought for myself was that Da Kyung was a character who was pushed by her parents. So rather than prioritizing her dreams, jobs, future, and such things, she longed for something that stimulates her. Lee Tae Oh had nothing, yet he stepped into the art industry, starting with independent films. I think such images looked cool to Da Kyung,

Q3. What is the most memorable scene?

A3. There are so many, but I’ll choose the scene where Da Kyung hits Sun Woo in the back of her head. Even before shooting the scene, I was terrified that I had to hit a senior actor (Kim Hee Ae).

Credit: JTBC

Q4. Yeo Da Kyung is clearly different from the previous women who committed infidelity.

Q4. The line “Falling in love is not a crime” seems possible because it is 2020. It’s ironic to respect individual love. It is certain that the keyword ‘affair’ should be criticized, but all of these characters have narratives. That’s the power of the director and the writer.

Q5. Some say that the drama encourages “non-marriage.”

A5. It is the drama that shows the collapse of a perfect-looking family in detail, so I won’t dare to start.

Q6. It is said that Han So Hee’s “The World of Acting” has begun with The World of the Married.

A6. It’s just the beginning. It needs to be ironed out even more. I don’t know what kind of works and characters I will play in the future, but I want to come out in a more refined state. The World of the Married did not become a hit because I was good. I want to act in a way that I don’t harm the director who chose me and be a burden on my seniors.

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