Yubin’s Transformation from Wonder Girls to Artist/CEO

Credit: rrr Entertainment

Yubin made her debut as the main rapper of Wonder Girls in 2007 and has hit her 14th year. After leaving JYP Entertainment early this year, she found rrr entertainment, which means “Real Recognize Real,” and started anew as the head of the agency.

In a round interview ahead of the release of her new digital single ME TIME, Yubin expressed her feelings about standing alone.

Why did Yubin dream of establishing an entertainment agency? “There was no grand ambition,” she said. “I wanted to work with people who knew each other in a fun and small way. Watching JYP producer Park Jin-young, I thought he was so cool and dreamed that ‘I too, want to be someone that awesome.’ I was heavily influenced by such great people. ”

The new digital single ME TIME is an easy-listening hip-hop song that starts with a unique theme of a marimba source and piano themes in the hook. Regarding the release of her first work after leaving the side of Park Jin Young, she confessed, “It’s amazing and exciting. I enjoyed it with the utmost freedom without expecting specific results or goals.”

ME TIME, in which Yubin participated in writing and composing, tells the story of modern people who often use the term “yes” in SNS chat rooms. The subtitle “ME TIME” was also followed in the title song “yaya.” The title means “one’s own time,” which is somewhat far from the businesslike word “yep.” “This time, I found out that I also am a ‘yep’ person. I wanted to put freedom and my own time in the song,” she explained.

It is also unique that “JYP” is mentioned in the lyrics. Many lyrics are reminiscent of Park Jin Young, such as “THX JYP but Free now” and “It was so comfortable.” She said, “I am so grateful to producer Park Jin Young for allowing me to be here. It is not easy for an artist to set up a company. When I said I was going to set up my own company, he said it was a ‘big courage.'”

Credit: rrr Entertainment

Led by Yubin, rrr Entertainment recruited Hyerim, who was also a member of Wonder Girls. Hyerim is currently starring in MBC’s Don’t Be Jealous with her fiance Shin Min Chul, a taekwondo fighter. She added, “Hyerim is a friend with so many colors that she can spread out, but it was always a pity that she never got to show them. I felt sorry. She can be treated better in other agencies, but thinking that I know her better than anyone else, I made an offer (to join) first, and thankfully, she said that she’d stay with me.”

She is very motivated as a “rookie” CEO of the company. “My goal is to have fun and enjoy working with as many people as possible,” said Yubin. “I also want to work with singers of various genres. Not only idol groups but also existing artists and those who are capable of self-producing, they are all good.”

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