Some Citizens Are Expressing Discomfort with Red Velvet’s Joy and Seulgi’s Subway Announcements

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The complaints against Red Velvet came from an unexpected place.

Recently, some citizens are filing civil complaints asking to stop Red Velvet’s Joy and Seulgi‘s voiceover announcements in the subway.

Red Velvet’s Joy and Seulgi recorded their subway announcements earlier this month as a part of talent-donation. If you take the subway line 2, you can hear their announcements.

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Credit: Seoul Metro


However, some are expressing their discomfort. They ever shared their civil complaints in their real names.

“If you’re going to spend money on this, improve the environment of the subway instead.”

“I am sick of broadcasts where only the speaker is happy. “

“Please get rid of Red Velvet announcements. I don’t want to get annoyed from early in the morning.”

“I just lost my job, and it’s appalling to be listening to the voices of celebs who earn so much more money than us every few minutes.”

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Credit: Twitter, Wiki Tree

On the other hand, some are saying that it’s refreshing and that their voices are easy on the ears.

“Thanks to them, I’m smiling every morning.”

“I don’t know who came up with the idea, but thank you! Today was Seulgi”

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