The Combination of Director Jung Jin Young and Actor Cho Jin Woong in Mystery Film’ Me and Me’


Actor Jung jin Young has embarked on a new challenge as director Jung Jin Young.

Jung Jin Young, who had starred in King and the Clown, Miracle in Cell No.7, and Ode to My Father, has won a new title. It’s “Director” Jung Jin Young.

Me and Me is a movie about a detective, who was investigating a mysterious fire case, faces a shocking situation of everything about him erased, and tries to search his real self. Jung Jin Young, himself, prepared everything, including the original story and script.

At the press conference held live online, Jung Jin Young expressed his feeling of being a director.


“The dream I had when I was 17 years old came true at the age of 57,” he said. “I have never been this nervous about standing at the press conference. I couldn’t sleep last night.”

“It was four years ago that I thought I should be a director. Even before that, I wrote two scenarios. But I threw them away because they were familiar stories. This is a new one, and it became a movie,” he added. “This was made into a film thanks to great actors. I had a desire to take the story to an unexpected place.”

He also recalled the filming process as a director. “I was delighted,” he said. “I think I only slept an average of three hours a day. I had plenty of time to sleep, but that’s what happened after preparing and practicing with the rookie actors. It was physically tough, but I was happy as if I had taken great restoratives,” he smiled.


Actor Cho Jin Woong starred as Park Hyung Goo, a detective in distress after everything about him had disappeared overnight. As for a reason for choosing Cho Jin Woong, Jung Jun Young answered, “When I wrote the script, I wrote it in detail, and I naturally thought of Cho Jin Woong and wrote while imagining him acting.”

Regarding Cho Jin Woong’s decision to appear in Me and Me, Cho Jin Woong said, “There’s quite a subtle taste in the work. It’s hard to explain. If there was no perception that director Jung Jin Young wrote it, I would have felt like I found a treasure hidden under the ocean. I even asked if he really wrote it.”

He also praised Jung Jin Young’s abilities as a director. “Only the position has changed. The essence of him had not changed at all. I’m sure he will set an exemplary example for many actors. Even for me, he became a good role model of what to do if I become a director.”

Me and Me, directed by Jung Jin Young, will be released on June 18.

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