VIXX’s Ken Is Making His First Solo Debut in Eight Years Since His Debut with ‘Greeting’

Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

VIXX’s Ken is releasing his first solo album in eight years since his debut.

Ken will take his first step as a solo artist on May 20 as he released his first mini-album Greeting and unveils the music video of the title track “Just 10 More Minutes” (literal translation). Ken expressed his feelings about the album’s release on the day of the release.


Q1. How do you feel about releasing a solo album after 8 years since your debut?

A1. It’s been 8 years since I made my debut, so I’m nervous and under pressure. Thinking about how an entire album will be filled with my songs, it makes me excited and happy. Even though it might lack, I’d appreciate it if you enjoyed it and listened to it a lot.


Q2. What did you pay the most attention to while preparing for your solo album?

A2. I paid the most attention to voice. While recording the songs to be included in the album, I practiced expressing various emotions, and I tried to emphasize the vocal tone and the feeling of the song itself. I sang the song hoping that I could convey my emotions through each word, so I hope it will be delivered to those who listen to my music.

Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

Q3. What’s your favorite song in the album, and why?

A3. It’s the 4th track, “Meteor Shower.” This is the first self-composed song by me and my beloved friends. It’s definitely a song that I want to sing for my fans.


Q4. You’ve shown strong images through VIXX. What side do you want to shoe through your solo activities?

A4. I’ve shown you a lot of concept before, but this time, I’d like to let you hear my voice. From powerful vocals to soft vocals, I want to show you my various vocal charms.


Q5. A few days ago, the news of your enlistment in the army came out. How do you feel?

A5. I’d like to thank my family, members, and fans. I’m sure I’ll miss you all a lot. In the remaining time, I would love to make tons of pleasant memories.


Q6. You’ve continued your musical activities. What’s the difference between a musical and a solo stage?

A6. In musical, all of the cast has to lead the performance together for a long time. If there’s anything lacking, we add strength to each other, sing, and act with all our energy on stage. However, in a solo stage, I have to pour out everything I have prepared in a very short time.

Q7. You are sharing various content, including daily life and cover songs, through your YouTube channel. Why did you open a YouTube channel?

A7. I wanted to show you various sides of me off stage and communicate with my fans. My YouTube channel is called “! KEN DO !T.” With the confidence of “I can do anything,” I’m sharing many things with fans, such as challenging videos, cover songs, and daily lives.


Q8. Is there any goal you want to achieve with this album?

A8. I’d love to be called “Ken, an emotional vocalist who can be trusted and listened to” after gaining sympathy from people. I also want to make good memories with my fans.

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