“Goo Hara Act” Submitted by Goo Hara’s Brother Failed to Pass During National Assembly Legislative Meeting

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The “Goo Hara Act,” which prohibits people from inheriting property if they neglect their duty to support their parents or children, has virtually been scrapped.

The National Assembly’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee held the first subcommittee on May 19 and concluded that “additional judgment is required” for a total of 5 new bills on the agenda, including the “Goo Hara Act.”

Even though the “Goo Hara Act” was not entirely turned down, considering that the subcommittee is the last meeting of the 20th National Assembly, it can be considered that it has been abolished.

As for a reason for such a conclusion, the consensus was that research on the overall inheritance system is necessary to push forward the “Goo Hara Act.”

Therefore, the heirs of the late Goo Hara, who died without a spouse, will be her biological parents. The father and the mother will each inherit half of the inheritance. Previously, the father handed over his share to Goo Hara’s older brother.

The “Goo Hara Act” is a legislative petition filed by Goo Hara’s brother. The petition calls for carrying out legal measures to prevent his biological mother, who ran away more than 20 years ago, from inheriting the late Goo Hara’s assets.

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