Even in the Horror of COVID-19, Lee Min Jung, Lee Juyeon, Hyomin and Son Yeon Jae Visited the Party Held Near the Itaewon Club


All celebrities who visited the party is officially apologizing. However, all of them stressed that the party was held in Cheongdam-dong, not Itaewon.

Lee Min Jung and Son Yae Jin stated that they only visited the party briefly to give presents and only took off the mask to take pictures. Hyomin, Lee Jooyeion, and Kim Hee Jung said that they recognize and reflect on their careless behavior, regardless of the reason.

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Credit: Sports Kyunghyang

Idols were not the only ones who ignored the “social distance” and enjoyed the “Itaewon Party Life.”

Several celebrities also participated in the birthday party of a woman, known as a fashion celebrity. The party took place on May 9, when anxiety was heightened due to the spread of coronavirus re-sparked from Itaewon Club.

Those invited to the birthday party were actor Lee Min Jung, After Shool‘s Lee Jooyeon, T-ara‘s Hyomin, former national rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae, actor Kim Hee Jung and Im Ji Hyun, CEO of imvely.

Credit: Sports Kyunghyang

Since the woman is called “Paris Hilton in Cheongdam-dong,” literally, all the celebrities connections were called to the scene.

The cafe, where the party was held, is only 700 meters away from the Itaewon Bar, where “Itaewon Idols” recently visited.

May 9, when everyone gathered with excitement, is only a few days after the news of Yongin’s 66th confirmed patient visiting the Itaewon club was reported, shocking the entire nation. The nationwide fear of a large number of confirmed people was not a problem for them.

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Credit: Lee Min Jung, Hyomin Instagram

Some celebrities have faced even harsher criticism. This is because they participated in the “Thanks To Challenge” to thank the medical staff for their hard work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Lee Min Jung and Hyomin had taken part in the challenge, encouraging people to practice “social distance.”

As soon as the pictures hit the Internet, another controversy was sparked. At the scene, an alpaca was present. According to experts, alpacas are under extreme stress if they are exposed continuously to crowded, noisy places. This is why some point out that it is animal abuse.

Those who participated in the party seem to have failed to understand the severity of the case. They are still showing off their personal connections by posting photos of them on their Instagram.

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