Public Shows Discomfort in Gill’s Return Through ‘True Dad Confession’

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Leessang‘s Gill, who left the entertainment industry after getting caught drunk driving three times, heralded his comeback through True Dad Confession. But most viewers are clearly showing signs of discomfort.

Gill appeared with his son on the trailer of Channel A’s True Dad Confession, which was released on May 17. He is scheduled to be a fixed member of the show.

The singer caused a stir in 2013 when he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, and in 2017, he halted all his activities when he was caught once again. In the process, the fact that he was found drunk driving in 2004 was also revealed, and he was severely criticized.

Previously, Gill made headlines when he appeared on Channel A’s Eye Contact for the first time in about three years. During the episode, he shared how he got married and became a father during the time and tried to resolve the conflict he had with his mother-in-law. However, criticism continued.

And now that he has returned to the entertainment industry, thorough a family-reality show no less, he is causing a bigger stir. Criticism is mounting over his return despite the public opinion. Some comments are supporting Gill, but most are displaying discomfort.

“To be honest, I had a lot of concerns and needed a lot of time,” said Kim Jin, the producer of Channel A’s True Dad Confession. He added, “I felt Gill’s sincerity while watching ‘Eye Contact,’ I reached out to him several times, but he declined every time. He was worried that his family and wife will get hurt because of his fault, and I respected his decision.”

However, it was Gill’s wife who encouraged Gill.

Will Gill be able to regain the public’s heart through Channel A’s True Dad Confession? Gill’s first appearance in the show will air on May 24.

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