A Petition is Submitted to Withdraw BTS Jungkook’s Medal of Cultural Merits

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It was recently confirmed that BTS’s Jungkook, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, NCT’s Jaehyun, and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu broke social distancing to visit a bar and a club on April 25th and 26th.

Ever since the news broke out, there has been chaos between fans and the public who have expressed outrage over the idols’ carelessness in these critical times.

And on May 18th, a national petition titled, “Please withdraw BTS Jungkook’s medal of cultural merits,” was submitted to the Blue House.

The petitioner wrote, “BTS Jungkook who is under Big Hit Entertainment label got together with his three idol friends to dine at a bar in Itaewon while countless citizens are working hard to overcome the coronavirus, a global pandemic. This act ignores the efforts of the citizens, government workers, and medical clinicians who have been working to beat the coronavirus. It does not suit the intention of the medal which is given to those who have established a clear contribution to the development of the nation.”

The petitioner continued to write, “An idol who advertised social distancing didn’t practice social distancing himself, and this actually hinders the nation’s development. I ask that you reflect this national sentiment and withdraw BTS Jungkook’s medal of cultural merits.”

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  • Are you kidding me??? Someone has entirely too much time on their hands if this is what they’re wastung time on. This group of young men did nothing wrong. This petition is simply ridiculous.

  • Leave people alone this guy have a private life to yes we’re in a pandemic and social distance have you ever thought this is the only time that he could do what he need to do as a person in his private life. Some people need to take care of their own business instead of worrying about everybody else’s business

  • Lol this is crazy like can these people REREAD what really happened, when did the idols visit the bar and club because they’re just obviously dragging their images down. Mind your own business and safety instead of wasting your time for a nonsense petition.

  • Why can’t they just leave them alone???? There are a lot of problems to be concerned of!!!

  • Are you sure it’s the fans that asked for it? Not the anti-fans???

  • Are you serious right now? Why are people always going on this group and on this man. Like leave him alone, he was there a week before the first case of the virus outbreak there happened. Next he has contributed a hell lot to the development and spread of K-pop and the Korean culture around the world. He put no one in danger except himself and why was that place open in the first place. If they take his medal I had a Army and many other Army will be pisst and will fight for him to have it back. Haters are just looking for away to bring Him and BTS down. I can’t stand people like that.

  • We really do understand that we are facing a pandemic all over the world. But being over reacted to what happen to this k-pop idol(JK) is unfair..we can deny that he done a wrong move during pandemic but it was his life and his agency stated that it was done before the positive patient arise..everybody was making mistake and failure in life so don’t over judgemental..We must thankfull right now that he(JK) was reflecting and admitt what he has done wrong..let us become a positive fans towards him because he is just only a human. Nobody’s perfect in this world..even us making mistake through this pandemic crisis,,the only diff. Is JK is a famous k-pop artist and we are just ordinary But speaking of human we’re all the same..so be fair in judging other’s..don’t allow our self to be the one who can cause of breakdown of others..cause past few years many of the k-pop artist take there life because of pressure and negative outcome from social media and there anti-fans.

  • Can’t people just focus on their own lives? Respect his private life. He has every right to do what he wants. Nobody can tell him what to do. This petition is absolutely ridiculous and people who signed it are jealous of his achievements and purely targeting him by blaming him for something that is not worthy blaming. These people who signed the petition are not recognizing the good deeds Jungkook has done and focusing on bringing him down by every chance they get. Respect his decisions and don’t meddle in his businesses. Focus on your own life. You’re only embarrassing yourself by coming up with these ridiculously meaningless petitions.

    • Koreában a hírességeket a rajongók és az ügynökségek is magántulajdonnak tekintik, nem egy embernek, amely néha esendő, vagy épp egy kicsit felelőtlen, esetleg nem gondolta át mit is tesz. Koreában vagy imádnak, és akkor te vagy az isten, vagy utálnak és akkor dögölj meg! Középút nincs. Fura egy társadalom. Nekem nem a bálványaim, nem igazán kedvelem zeneileg a K_POP-ot, de emberként megértem a nehézségeiket, elismerem a belefektetett munkát, és szomorú hogy ilyen szempontból a koreai társadalom igen csak kiskorú.

  • literally the dumbest shit i have ever seen some people realy can’t let them breath

  • Are you out of ur mind .. i mean please just grow up ans stop using this stupid reason for this petition..
    What he did wrong??? Tried to live his own life???? How can you ask for withdrawing his medal of cultural merits???

  • Oh my lord.
    People need to stop with their criticism and trying to get the law and crap involved.
    He’s an adult. He’s a human being. That’s HIS life. That’s HIS decision. That’s HIS rights.
    People make a big deal out of this crap and make him look like a criminal or a super bad guy and start hatting on him for stupid reasons whenever there’s people in this world who are 100X worse, who are criminals, who are sexual predators, and people want to get onto this man as if he was a mass criminal. There are people out there who are getting away with rape and murder in court and getting light sentencing, but they expect Jungkook to get severe punishment because of this?!
    People need to grow up.
    It’s HIS LIFE.
    It’s HIS RIGHTS.
    Not ours.

  • Are you kidding me? This happened a week before not after!!!! Are you saying idols don’t deserve anything???? Jungkook doesn’t need his medal to be withdrawn. Leave these idols alone and worry about your health towards this epidemic rather than being angry for no reason.

  • This is when International Fans roll their eyes and say to zealous K-Netizens…”STFU”.

  • this… this is too much, okay, we get it. jeongguk went out with some friends, breaking some type of social pandemic law or rule. but there’s no need to take his medal that he had received for something that he had done before that was amazing enough to get a medal, just because he wanted to do something instead of stay in his house all day. leave jeongguk alone, it’s his life, and it was his to begin with. just because he’s an idol doesn’t mean he’s not a human being. there’s no reason to take his medal away, there’s no reason to even interfere. jeongguk already apologized, big hit already apologized, and that’s the end of the story. same with the other people jeongguk went to itaewon with, cha eun woo, jaehyun, and mingyu. before, none of these idols most likely weren’t able to even go outside without covering almost every part of their body, and now that they’re finally able to have some peace outside fo their homes, people are just going to come at them? that doesn’t make sense, and it’s stupid.

  • That Medal wasn’t given to him for practising social distancing. And this of his small carelessness doesn’t make his contribution to korean culture any less, I guess. People forgive each other for huge wrongdoings, but why they cannot let small mistake of these young boys go. They are young after all, human can do mistakes sometimes. So what?

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