[PICK] Parents in Korean Movies Who Will Warm Your Heart

Credit: Cinema Service

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Most of the Korean films that emphasize maternal and paternal love have “new wave” elements. We watch these even though we know we won’t be able to hold back the tears because we know that parental love depicted in movies is great. No matter how familiar the stories are, parents who put their children in front of everything and sacrifices themselves naturally touch the hearts. We look at these impressive parents in Korean movies, who warm our hearts just from remembering the scenes.


Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds �” Ja Hong’s Mother

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The scene where Ja Hong’s mother forgives her son’s sins is filled with the intention of making the audience cry. There are voices of criticism because of its over-the-top dramatic story, but the scene leaves the most profound impression of the movie. When Ja Hong, who committed unforgivable sin against his mother to break away from poverty, is in danger of being sentenced to extreme punishment in the underworld, his mother forgives her son. She even apologizes to him and doesn’t express even the slightest resentment. It is hard to hold back tears when you see the motherly love of also embracing her son’s fault as her own.


The Show Must Go On �” In Gu

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The Show Must Go On depicts the story of a gangster who wants to become an ordinary head of a family, instead of focusing on loyalty and revenge, as he is conflicted between organization and family. Because there are many stories about In Gu’s work causing friction with his family, the sorrow he experiences as a head of household was quite realistic, regardless of his job. Song Kang Ho also played many father roles, including Parasite, The Host, The President’s Barber, A Taxi Driver, The Face Reader, and The Throne, so it might be fun to compare his performances in these films.


Miss Granny �” Oh Mal Soon

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Miss Granny tells the story of Oh Mal Soo, who suddenly returned to her youth. In the early parts, Oh Mal Soon, now 20-year-old grandmother, gives a big laugh with her strange behavior, but as the story progresses, the heartwarming family love is emphasized. In particular, the scene where she gives up her youth to save her grandson, who was severely injured by a car accident, jogs the tears, as it indeed reminds us of our own parents.


SORI: Voice from the Heart �” Hae Gwan

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

On the day of the Daegu subway accident in 2003, Hae Gwan’s daughter, Yoo Joo, goes missing. So the next ten years, Hae Gwan roamed around the entire country, searching for his missing daughter. Even when everyone thought of her to be dead, Hae Gwan chose to find her and finally has hopes that he may discover Yoo Joo when he encounters Robot Sori, which can tell of the location of people with their voices. Hae Gwan travels with Sori to search Yoo Joo, and belatedly realizes her feelings that he didn’t know at the time. The moment when Hae Won says to Sori, “I’m sorry for being too late,” touches the hearts as it feels like it’s the message he is sending to his daughter, who died during the accident.


Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982 �” Mi Sook

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

There is a scene in Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982 that stirs everyone’s emotions. It is a scene where Mi Sook, Ji Young’s mother, comes to take care of her sick daughter and sobs out her sorrow. Mi Sook expresses her sympathy and tells Ji Young, who struggles with various issues, to do as she wishes. At that moment, Ji Young is possessed by Mi Sook’s mother (Ji Young’s grandmother) and tries to comfort her mother instead. As soon as the name “Mi Sook” softly rings, our hearts start to pound. When we get to the scene where Mi Sook cries out with guilt, saying that she never realized Ji Young’s pain, you will be unable to stop your tears.


My Son �” Kang Shik

Credit: Cinema Service

The movie tells the story of Kang Shik, who is serving a prison sentence, spending a day with his son Jun Seok, who he met for the first time in 15 years. The father and the son reunited after a long time don’t recognize each other’s faces, but the bigger problem is that they don’t know how to approach to each other. The father is ashamed that he is a criminal who was sentenced to prison for life, and the son is also unfamiliar with his father. However, as they spend the day together, they get closer to each other little by little and share the warm affection, going beyond the 15-year gap.

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