Controversy over Actor Park Shi Hoo’s Recent Remarks Is Only Getting Bigger


Actor Park Shi Hoo is being criticized for his inappropriate remarks.

Controversy over the actor surfaced at the production presentation of TV Chosun’s new drama, Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny on May 14. The presentation was held online due to the aftermath of COVID-19.

During the event, Park Kyung Rim, the host, asked Go Sung Hee to pick the memorable scene. In response, she replied, “The role I’m supposed to play is covered in a veil, so it was hard to see how far I should expose myself.”

At that time, Park Shi Hoo stepped in to say, “There is Go Seung Hee’s exposing scene (where parts of her body is shown). She is very provocative and sexy. You can look forward to such scenes.”

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Public opinion was aroused by Park Shi Hoo’s remarks since his careless words focus on Go Seung Hee’s sexual attractiveness rather than her acting.

On May 16, Park Shi Hoo’s agency and Go Seung Hee’s agency explained the situation, saying that the actor’s remarks were misinterpreted and that it was just witty introduction of her character.

However, the fact that Park Shi Hoo was embroiled in a sexual assault case in the past is only making the controversy bigger. Public opinion is that he should have been more careful with his wordings. It seems that his thoughtless remarks only dragged up his dark past.

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